The best part about not knowing where you are headed…

…is that you never know what you might find!

Last weekend, I wanted a little bit of an adventure so I started out on a path told to me by someone at TEFL. She said to head out of town and then turn left at the two bus stops. “Ok, will it be obvious?” I asked. Her response: “Yeah totally obvious.”

Right? Obviously those are bus stops and obviously the road 50 meters behind me is where I am to turn. Haha! I guess it was obvious enough.

So, I walk up and up and up. And I didn’t really know where I was going except that it was a nice walk, with a little community at the top and a great view. It took me about an hour and a half or more to get to the “community” at the top. It was pretty much uphill the whole way. Halfway thru I took my earphones out and was amazed by both the silence and the sounds. No cars, or voices or music but it had just rained so I could here water falling from leaves, and birds, and bugs and who knows what else. It was a cacophony of natural sounds. Amazing.

But I’m not gonna lie to you…I’m a bit out of shape and was really looking forward to a tall glass of water and to sit in this community and have a bit to eat. But here is all I found at the top:

That and about 15 homes. So I enjoyed the view a bit even though it was mostly overcast and then turned around and walked for 1.5 hours downhill. (which is not easier than uphill in my mind.) But following one path after another I ended up having the perfect lunch at the perfect lunch spot!

I was a little taken back when this arrived in front of me

…but when in Rome! I ate it!
So, the next day, I ventured again. This time to Buena Vista, the neighboring beach. It was a muddy bike ride but no big deal. Except when I got there, I realized there was a river between me and the beach.

I watched for awhile and I looked for other places to cross and eventually did it. What I found on the other side is like those times when I am reminded we live on a planet.

It can seem so alien sometimes. Like last night, when the sky was flashing like fireworks with lightening but absolutely no rain or sound. I have never seen such a thing. But the best part was my reward at Buena Vista:

As, I sat there entirely alone with no books, no music, nothing. Just me, nature and my thoughts, I was at peace. I found myself reflecting on how I often make my own experiences metaphors for my own life. The day before as I was sweating from climbing the mountain I was asking myself why I wasn’t on a river tour where I could just ride! But of course I am not talking about whether something takes effort or not when I say ride the river. I think it is just about not having a goal in mind or not worrying about that goal more than just following the path. Because if I care too much about the goal I may miss the ride and may not find my own path of peace.


7 responses to “The best part about not knowing where you are headed…

  1. Please God more. I could use one a day. The video is great too…keep it coming girl. I need to live vicariously through your adventure…-Dusty

  2. Our friends who know you are loving these blogs. They want to follow along in your journey. OF course, we just love hearing you are safe and sound! Mom and Dad

  3. Hi April,
    I just want you to know I love your blog!! The pictures are the best! I’m so amazed at what you are doing. We are all fine, you stay safe. Your in my prayers. Love You Pat

  4. In awe and admiration at what you are doing; I see a book in your future! I’ll be the first to buy it! Can’t wait to see what adventures await you. You are in our prayers. Cindy & Greg (your parents old – literally and figuratively – friends).

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