Say goodbye to Samara; say goodbye my baby.

As I head out of Samara (pronounced SAMara) I am reflecting on the things I have learned so far:

If a herd of bulls are coming at you, don’t worry, they will pull to their side of the street!

That you can get ceviche from a street vendor and not get food poisoning…(doesn’t it just feel suspect?!)

That horses cruising down mainstreet is still awesome!

How to reheat my pizza with no microwave and no oven.

That if a grocery store is a supermarket, why can’t a small one be a mini-super?  (rather than a mini-market.)

Some cockroaches and ants have wings.  I’m not going to get close enough to these to take a picture! or show you that ants can be as small as a flea or as big as my thumb nail.

That a hammock may be all ya need!

That a flower can look like a dancer.

That most likely when you walk up a hill, you will find something cool!

That I want a dog.  Everywhere you go in this town you have 1 or 2 pets with you.  This was mine at lunch the other day.

It can be pouring down rain and still have the sun on your skin.

Lightening doesn’t have to make sound.  The whole sky over the ocean was lighting up like fireworks but it was silent.  It is on video but I can’t edit it…so maybe one day.

A pair of huge bulls (yes, bulls not…) can look so sweet.

There are still places left where you can be alone and it can be silent.

That even if I am assigned people to be with for4 weeks, I may find that I like them.  And I can just be one of the group!

That fewer people can moonwalk than I thought they could.  As seen on my facebook profile.

Can’t believe it has been four weeks already! Here is where I am writing this from:



3 responses to “Say goodbye to Samara; say goodbye my baby.

  1. I can’t tell from the photo…. how are you re-heating your pizza?

    I was so excited to finally see the moonwalk video, but the link didn’t work for me. 😦

    • I put a small amount of water in the bottom of the pot so I wouldn’t burn the pot and then a metal cooling rack type thing in the bottom so the pizza wasn’t in the water and basically steamed my pizza.
      I reposted the moonwalking video onto my profile so it should be viewable now!

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