Goooooooooool! Fútbol South American style

My first live fútbol game ever was a club game in Ecuador!

We die for White (color of Ecuador's club team)

Apparently, you can only buy scalped tickets but lucky our teacher took care of that.  While we waited we had to fight back our temptation to eat all the stadium food!

hot dogs, popcorn, and fried pig know... the usual

As we head in, it is like no sporting event I have ever been to in the States!  There are rows of police mounted on horses, another row of police with dogs, and then inside there are police with riot shields everywhere.

Police and their dogs

and their horses

We are searched 3 different times on our way in and they take away our water bottles.  Not because “no outside food allowed” like in the States, but because you may use it as a weapon!  They pour the water into a baggie and give it to me.  How does one drink out of a large plastic baggie?

Can't have a bottle of water but apparently fireworks are OK.

Our teacher asks if we want to sit in the calm section or the rowdy section.  Rowdy, for sure!

Fans and their fire extinguishers

The energy is so fun.  I look up and see people climbing the fences with fire extinguishers.  Wow!  And a little nervous what that means for us but there’s not much you can do about it.

When the players come onto the field the place goes CRAZY!!!

All those dudes on the fence just spray all the CO2 so that all you can see is white and streams and fireworks and the BAND plays.  When the CO2 settles we all look like we have been caught in a snow storm.

Fireworks in our section now.

The band continued to play the entire game and the kid next to me sang at the top of his lungs with his right arm keeping time up in the air the whole game!  If he goes to games a lot his right arm must be twice the size of his left!  The only time we sat down the whole game was at half-time. You had to be on your feet because when Ecuador scored they all rush from the back and pushing everyone in their way toward the field.

The next week I went to another game, this time Ecuador’s international team.  There is no way that they only sold the same amount of tickets as seats in the stadium.  It is PACKED! And about 98% are wearing yellow!

an entire section of seating is covered by the flag. I guess team pride is greater than atcually seeing the game sometimes.

There were 3 fights just in our section and another time we thought it was a fight until we realized people were just chanting “bebe, bebe, bebe” and an older man is downing his entire beer in one gulp…these are the large bottles!  At this game when Ecuador scored they all threw their beers so it rained beer.  Obviously, these are not USA stadium beer prices or no one would do that!

My friend and I decided to split early because I couldn’t imagine what it would be like getting out of that completely packed place.  Besides we were up by 2 with only 10 minutes left.  On our way out, kid after kid was jumping the fence to get in to see the end of the game. People were sitting on the roof and the edge of the stadium and apparently this was the best way to get beer to them?!

Well that is one way to get beer to the people at the back of the stadium

Both games Ecuador won by 2.  I think I am good luck!


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